Plaster Casting

I did the plaster Casting activity with my boyfriend in Huntington Beach. 

There was a lot of wet sand from recent rain so it was pretty easy to make the mold. I made him do most of the digging but we used my foot. It was hard to take my food out of the mold without having the sand collapse into the mold so I pointed my foot down at an angle. 

We mixed the plaster and then poured in the mold and overfilled it a lot so it would be big on the top and easier to scoop out. 

We asked a girl building a sandcastle nearby to watch the hole and make sure no one messed with it. 

We killed our 30 minutes by walking to wahoos and getting tacos. When we came back we dug it out and it turned out better than I thought it would, it actually looked like a foot. Overall it was a fun project and a good excuse to enjoy this nice weather at the beach.


Classmate Conversation

Today I had my first classmate conversation with Chelsea Mallinson

She is a senior and majoring in Communications

The conversation started by her asking where I got my shoes, which was cool because we connected on having the same style. She was really easy to talk to and we talked about our backgrounds and about ourselves.

We both grew up in the area and we talked about dorms on campus and how expensive it is. She told me she was the youngest out of seven (I think) kids which I thought was pretty interesting.

We also talked a bit about the class and the websites and asked each other some questions that we wanted to clear up about assignments.

She also told me her job is hiring and she could connect me with her boss if I ever needed a new job, which is a cool example of how these conversations could help us with networking in our lives.

Overall really cool girl and easy conversation:)