Week 3 Artist Conversation Kelvin Lopez

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Medium: Printmaking

Instagram: @klart760

About the Artist

Undergraduate Printmaking BFA

From San Diego, does free non academic art, he does live painting at underground music events.  Wanted to be close to LA and San Diego.

He has an associates degree from San Diego.

Starting art as drawing and painting interest and then got into printmaking. He said he got a headache from oil painting so he did not want to be around that kind of chemicals anymore. Printmaking uses natural resources, he got a job as a lab tech assistant in the printmaking lab.

He is environmentally friendly and composts and he believes in wellbeing and wanting to be well, and he thinks crystals convey that so  he incorporates that into his art. He collects crystals and is interested in shakras.

He says he’s always been interested in art, but did not always have the resources to pursue being an artist. Being able to connect with a viewer is what gets him interested in art.

He is influenced by Alex Grey and Fred Tomocelli. Inspired by geometric shapes, and his lab director.

He loves art because he gets a reaction from others (good or bad). He thinks the role of an audience is to speak and leave their mark on the world.

Formal Analysis

Material is litho crayon on limestone, nitric acid. Screen frame, squeegee, ink, transparent base. It is very precise. There are some color and some black and white prints. It gives a three dimensional illusion with the crystals layering on some the photos.

Content Analysis

Scrying (what his exhibit is about) is looking through the crystal to show a foreseen event. His motivation is his personal life. He wants to almost show a crystal ball affect of showing something from his past.

My Experience

I thought this was a very interesting exhibit. I thought it was cool how he was showing himself bettering himself now based on his past. I think the psychedelic quality to his art was really interesting and interested me. Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.20.55 PM.png


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