Artist Conversation- Jenny Cho

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Degree: undergraduate in drawing and painting 

Instagram: @cxthxdx_gxrl

Medium: mixed media, water color, electrical wire, nylon, wood paneling

About the Artist

Fine art versus craft is an idea through her show. She wants to push against the idea that fine art is defined as an oil painting, and makes things aesthetically pleasing made on the more “crafty” side of things. She wants he work to seem like it’s handmade or made through processes relating to women’s work and a quiet strength. 

She is interested in how the art is going to sit in the space. Nature vs Technology ideas in some of her works. How they mimic eachother and how they work together. 

Her art making journey has been about gender identity, cultural constructs relating to that. She advocates feminism and the gay community with rainbows in her work. She is thinking about how women have been brought up and their ways of thinking. 

Formal Analysis 

Mix of many different mediums, she likes to play on water color vs technology and incorporate wire. Oil paints and woods in some parts of the works. Unconventional materials throughout the whole exhibit.

Content Analysis

The content of the show is with two other artists from different cultural backgrounds. They want to convey meaning through process and sensations. They aren’t about obeying the principles of design.

My Experience

I really enjoyed not only Jenny Cho’s art, but work from all three artists in the exhibit working together. They all are really interesting materials and not the normal oil on canvas art you can see anywhere. (No harm to oil paintings, the oil exhibit this week was breathtakingly interesting.)


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