Week 5 Artist Conversation 

Artist: Molly Ramage

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Show: Sleep Sweat

Degree: BFA in printmaking 

About the Artist: She has a daughter. She started a lot of art by drawing pictures of her and has based a lot of her work off of personal experiences. Her show is inspired by nightmares, but it is mostly just her art style. It’s a theme that always comes through in her art. It’s inspired by her feelings and nightmares. Her favorite piece is her most recent one which is a large sculpture made out of paper that shows a bed with a child sleeping and a monster underneath. 

Formal Analysis: she uses a lot of recycled papers for the sculpture, BFK paper, and paints on the way the papers are molded to make her art. Texture paste, glue, pens.

Content Analysis: like written in about the Artist, her show is based off of her personal experiences and thoughts and dreams. Most of the inspiration is just from her own ideas and personal art style there’s no real theme of them all. 

Personal Experience: I really liked her art style and I think her art really showed the idea of nightmares and interesting drawing. I like how she had sculptures and drawings and even a moving part of her art projected onto the wall.


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