Week 6- Art Inspired Short Story 

This week there weren’t many art exhibits that spoke to me. I was more drawn to looking at the individual zines and flip books. I found this piece of art in a flip book made of pictures cut up and pasted onto other pictures. I liked the sort of surrealism of the way these turned out. 

Short Story

I was always thinking of my past, living in it in my mind. It was something I was never going to escape. I loved the good times that I used to have and was afraid I would never have fun like that again. I went through my days looking at my watch, seeing time pass me by as I dragged through my days. I did things to try and have fun again but I always caught myself thinking of the past. My daily strolls became more gray to the point where I did not want to take them anymore. I was forcing my laughter more often than not. One day I was at my wits end, I went to the beach to put my feet in the sand one last time. I looked in my watch to see the time and the people laughing in the reflection of the glass. In that moment I realized my past is just that, the past. There was no reason to stay worrying about being happy like in the past. Live in the present and you will be.