Week 6- Art Inspired Short Story 

This week there weren’t many art exhibits that spoke to me. I was more drawn to looking at the individual zines and flip books. I found this piece of art in a flip book made of pictures cut up and pasted onto other pictures. I liked the sort of surrealism of the way these turned out. 

Short Story

I was always thinking of my past, living in it in my mind. It was something I was never going to escape. I loved the good times that I used to have and was afraid I would never have fun like that again. I went through my days looking at my watch, seeing time pass me by as I dragged through my days. I did things to try and have fun again but I always caught myself thinking of the past. My daily strolls became more gray to the point where I did not want to take them anymore. I was forcing my laughter more often than not. One day I was at my wits end, I went to the beach to put my feet in the sand one last time. I looked in my watch to see the time and the people laughing in the reflection of the glass. In that moment I realized my past is just that, the past. There was no reason to stay worrying about being happy like in the past. Live in the present and you will be. 


Week 5 Automatic Drawing Activity

I did my automatic drawing activity with my boyfriend. The paper was really large so it was hard to find a board to tape it down on, so we decided to just tape it to a table.

It was kinda funny to do this and we weren’t sure what to do at first, it felt kind of silly. But I just picked some colors I liked from daiso crayons  (this was my first time going to daiso as well and I loved it! Will definitely be going back) and just let our hands move. 

It came out as weird squiggly lines but I liked the project. It was fun. My boyfriend kind of kept asking “what is the point of this? How is this helping you in art?” Which made me think about it more. Just expressing yourself.

Week 5 Artist Conversation 

Artist: Molly Ramage

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Show: Sleep Sweat

Degree: BFA in printmaking 

About the Artist: She has a daughter. She started a lot of art by drawing pictures of her and has based a lot of her work off of personal experiences. Her show is inspired by nightmares, but it is mostly just her art style. It’s a theme that always comes through in her art. It’s inspired by her feelings and nightmares. Her favorite piece is her most recent one which is a large sculpture made out of paper that shows a bed with a child sleeping and a monster underneath. 

Formal Analysis: she uses a lot of recycled papers for the sculpture, BFK paper, and paints on the way the papers are molded to make her art. Texture paste, glue, pens.

Content Analysis: like written in about the Artist, her show is based off of her personal experiences and thoughts and dreams. Most of the inspiration is just from her own ideas and personal art style there’s no real theme of them all. 

Personal Experience: I really liked her art style and I think her art really showed the idea of nightmares and interesting drawing. I like how she had sculptures and drawings and even a moving part of her art projected onto the wall.

Artist Conversation- Jenny Cho

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Degree: undergraduate in drawing and painting 

Instagram: @cxthxdx_gxrl

Medium: mixed media, water color, electrical wire, nylon, wood paneling

About the Artist

Fine art versus craft is an idea through her show. She wants to push against the idea that fine art is defined as an oil painting, and makes things aesthetically pleasing made on the more “crafty” side of things. She wants he work to seem like it’s handmade or made through processes relating to women’s work and a quiet strength. 

She is interested in how the art is going to sit in the space. Nature vs Technology ideas in some of her works. How they mimic eachother and how they work together. 

Her art making journey has been about gender identity, cultural constructs relating to that. She advocates feminism and the gay community with rainbows in her work. She is thinking about how women have been brought up and their ways of thinking. 

Formal Analysis 

Mix of many different mediums, she likes to play on water color vs technology and incorporate wire. Oil paints and woods in some parts of the works. Unconventional materials throughout the whole exhibit.

Content Analysis

The content of the show is with two other artists from different cultural backgrounds. They want to convey meaning through process and sensations. They aren’t about obeying the principles of design.

My Experience

I really enjoyed not only Jenny Cho’s art, but work from all three artists in the exhibit working together. They all are really interesting materials and not the normal oil on canvas art you can see anywhere. (No harm to oil paintings, the oil exhibit this week was breathtakingly interesting.)

Week 3 Classmate Conversation- Jennifer Ostroff

I talked to Jennifer a bit last week when we were discussing our landscape with a corpse ideas, she had an interesting idea about being a fashion victim. That she would fall to her death by a pair of heels and I thought that was really creative.

She moved here after completing two years of college in Pennsylvania.

She is currently majoring in English but working on transferring into the Film program as soon as she can. She is interested in screenwriting, and thought the CSULB program would be interesting. It was between here and New York and she did not want to live there because its gross.

She lives in Long Beach now with her brother and dog. We talked a lot about traveling abroad and how she went to the United Kingdom through her community college. Photo on 2-8-17 at 3.46 PM.jpg

Week 3 Artist Conversation Kelvin Lopez

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Medium: Printmaking

Instagram: @klart760

About the Artist

Undergraduate Printmaking BFA

From San Diego, does free non academic art, he does live painting at underground music events.  Wanted to be close to LA and San Diego.

He has an associates degree from San Diego.

Starting art as drawing and painting interest and then got into printmaking. He said he got a headache from oil painting so he did not want to be around that kind of chemicals anymore. Printmaking uses natural resources, he got a job as a lab tech assistant in the printmaking lab.

He is environmentally friendly and composts and he believes in wellbeing and wanting to be well, and he thinks crystals convey that so  he incorporates that into his art. He collects crystals and is interested in shakras.

He says he’s always been interested in art, but did not always have the resources to pursue being an artist. Being able to connect with a viewer is what gets him interested in art.

He is influenced by Alex Grey and Fred Tomocelli. Inspired by geometric shapes, and his lab director.

He loves art because he gets a reaction from others (good or bad). He thinks the role of an audience is to speak and leave their mark on the world.

Formal Analysis

Material is litho crayon on limestone, nitric acid. Screen frame, squeegee, ink, transparent base. It is very precise. There are some color and some black and white prints. It gives a three dimensional illusion with the crystals layering on some the photos.

Content Analysis

Scrying (what his exhibit is about) is looking through the crystal to show a foreseen event. His motivation is his personal life. He wants to almost show a crystal ball affect of showing something from his past.

My Experience

I thought this was a very interesting exhibit. I thought it was cool how he was showing himself bettering himself now based on his past. I think the psychedelic quality to his art was really interesting and interested me. Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.20.55 PM.png

Week 2-Landscape with a Corpse

Okay so I was really tired and sick this week, so I didn’t really take the time to put effort into this photo like I had wanted to. So the picture I ended up taking is me dying in my sleep, which is extremely boring. But to try and make this post better I included photos that I have taken in the past with the landscape and a corpse idea. I have always liked photography and my friends and I got a couple cool shots of them looking dead, one being that she fell to her death (rather gracefully) and the other drowned in her bathtub.

I wish I would’ve had more time to take another good photo! The whole idea of this photo assignment is creepy and interesting at the same time, and I love it